This list is so named for drawing its concepts from the rationality community i.e. LessWrong, CFAR, Slate Star Codex, and the related blogosphere.

  • 5 Second Skills
  • Agency
  • Attention Triage
  • Bingo Card Fallacy
  • Bugs vs Errors
  • Can't Bullshit Yourself
  • Chesterton Fence
  • Command Mode
  • Complexity Penalty
  • Conservation of tribalism
  • Curiosity Stopper
  • Dangling Pointer
  • Dependency Hell
  • Endorse on Reflection
  • Fermi Modeling
  • Fundamental Question of Rationality
  • Hamming Question
  • Humans are not Automatically Strategic
  • Increasing Marginal Utility of Attention
  • Inner Simulator
  • Instrumental/Terminal Values
  • Law of Equal and Opposite Advice
  • Making Beliefs Load Bearing
  • Mental Habits are Procedural
  • Offline Training
  • Price Dike
  • Priviledging the Hypothesis
  • Problem-Heuristic fit
  • Proving Too Much
  • Red Circling
  • Schelling Fence
  • Signaling/Countersignaling/Meta Contrarianism
  • Stealing Cheat Codes
  • System 1 Can't do Math
  • Taboo Words
  • Ugh Field
  • Urge Propagation
  • Valley of Bad X

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